Conway’s Game Of Life

Conway’s Game Of Life is a self simulated single player game, for game enthusiasts. You can install the run time and run the app. Then you will see the GUI’s main display.

You need to select some cells from the grid based cells, and click on ‘start’ button on right pane. Remember this game runs based on an unique algorithm behind it, where a squared cell assembly will die if they aligned. So just select few scattered cells and not more than 3 out of one squared assembly. This way the game can be played for a long time.

There are buttons for ‘start’ ‘stop’ and ‘clear’ for operating on the grid display. Enjoy and have some fun. This is only a run time installer and no source code is available. Leave us your feedback after enjoying it.

You can download the app from the link above, it has the windows version as well, for which you need to contact us. at this address below